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first grade teacher's name: mrs. collins.
last word you said: bogey! (talking to my dog.)
last song you sang: the clash - spanish bombs.


what's in your cd player: the last cd that justin gave me.
what color socks are you wearing: none.
what's under your bed: boxes of crap.
what time did you wake up today: 3:00.


where do you want to go: BLOOMINGTON, england, france, germany, spain, italy, greece, turkey, china, amsterdam, scotland, ireland, japan, india… everywhere.
what is your career going to be: cardiovascular surgeon. maybe.
where are you going to live: london, new york, boston, chicago… i dunno.
how many kids do you want: one or two… no more than three.
what kind of car will you have: ’58 corvette convertible. red with white side panels. mmmm… kt <3 classic cars.

current mood: bored. lonely.
current music: the simpsons on tv.
current taste: rainbow sherbet.
current hair: long, loose, curly, and brown.
current clothes: dark denim floods, rock star belt, red gir t-shirt, black cuff, black watch, necklace, headband, glasses.
current annoyance: my family. being so far from all of my friends. the lack of freedom.
current smell: none.
current longing: to have everything be the way it was two weeks ago. to be back in bloomington. to be held.
current desktop picture: something from deviantart.com.
current book: squee! - jhonen vasquez.
current color of toenails: none.
current worry: finding decent job. getting the apartment thing worked out.
current crush: you.
current time wasting wish:...
current hate: michigan.

1. what's the story behind your lj username? it’s a french version of "katherine" (my real first name) that i thought was pretty.
2. name five [5] of your favorite foods: iced tea with lemon, fried rice, cheese pizza, rainbow sherbet, strawberry smoothies from the mall.
3. have you ever had a makeover? no.
4. what's the longest time you've stayed out of the country/where? costa rica for 2 weeks, london for 5 days.
5. one thing you're grateful for today: my friends. even if they are 578927842785902 miles away.

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