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2002-02-11 12:50 am

and fish in the sky... and a big... monkey pie...

and again kt has been neglecting her journal. meh... so much has happened, but i've had neither the time nor the energy to write them down.

i've been sick and had a horrible hacking cough for the past two and a half weeks. i'm starting to think that it may be more than a cold; something more along the lines of bronchitis. i've lost all faith in the iu health center though, last year it took them three weeks to figure out that i had mono and a tonsil infection, and to get me on medication that actually worked (and this was only after mandy took me to the hospital because i couldn't breathe and i needed HELP, but the goddamn health center was closed. it was like 4:30 p.m. on a weekday, and they were closed. thank you, iu health center, for the medications that didn't work, for the huge bills for the medications that didn't work, and for making me wait for three hours after i passed out in my chemistry lab just so that you could tell me that you don't know what's wrong with me, but it might be mono.)

i would just go to the doctor instead, but mine is about five hours away. i guess i'll just wait it out and hope it goes away soon :P.

i'm a model now. woooo... j.w.'s roomate aaron does fashion design, and i'm his model. free clothes! score! (although i haven't talked to him in a week... guess he's been busy. or something. i don't know.