Mar. 15th, 2002

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alright... even though my family's computer has decided that it hates me and doesn't want me to know what my friends are doing, maybe it will let me update.

that's one of the reasons that i haven't updated in so long. the other reason is that i'm a lazy bitch.

break has been good so far, but i'm really eager to get back to bloomington. i've spent the last two days feeling horribly out of place in ann arbor, where u of m's campus is. i felt like i should have been running into people that i know, like i do when i'm walking around bloomington. i love ann arbor, it's a really great city, but it doesn't have the familiarity that it once did. i feel like a traitor to my family and my previous hopes and dreams because i don't go to u of m. i feel like i'm betraying ann arbor, where i've grown up, and that i'm not supposed to be there any more. it's weird.

i'll probably end up working there this summer any way. i put in applications at a record store, urban outfitters, hot topic, and a store named "wizzywig" that specializes in japanese imports (especially anime videos and dvd, manga, video game merch., and the fun little cute animal stuff.) that would be a rad job. i'd become an even bigger nerd though, and probably spend all of my paychecks there.

i am currently in the process of doing about a million loads of laundry. i was going to do it when i was staying at scott's, but again, i am a lazy bitch and preferred smoking cigarettes and getting pretty drunk to doing laundry.

speaking of which... i was a lush last weekend. oops. i don't remember most of friday and saturday nights, which sucks because i know that i had some really good conversations (and i only remember parts of them. dammit!). hey scott and justin - thanks for putting up with drunk kt last weekend. it will happen again, i'm sure.

from what i remember of last weekend, i had a pretty good time (when i was not hung over, that is...). i got to see simon (a.k.a. "si-monster") my favorite kitty ever, and introduced scott to the craziness that is susie. saturday i didn't want to move until afternoon, and then i ended up getting drunk (and apparently very talkative) again. sunday me, [ profile] rockmusicnerd, and [ profile] scott_tribute went to cincinnati to see brand new, further seems forever, and hot rod circuit. it was a great show; i'm really glad i got to see brand new play live again, cuz they rock. after their set, the adrenaline wore off and the hangover came back, so i was a loser and sat in the back. scott was nice and sat back there with me, while justin the DORK who deserves an ASS-KICKING got onstage. grrrr. (j/k). i fell asleep on the drive home after stealing shotgun from justin (ha!) and then crashed.

justin and scott woke me up monday by lying on me. thanks, guys. i'm sure that i make a great pillow. i had to get up and drive back to michigan. wheee....

the drive took me about 6 hours, i stopped a couple times for food (still had a little residual hangover. bleh.) and drove about 90-95 mph the entire way home. i got home and surpised my parents with my lip ring. they hate it, but i get to keep it for a while. woo hoo! my mom says she can't even look at me now. oh well...

i went into ann arbor today, and as i was stopping for a flashing red light, i see a girl frantically waving her arms at me. it was JANEL! (best friend for michigan). we ended up hanging out all evening and going out to dinner and stuff. i'm so glad that i ran into her there (she goes to u of m); i was going to call her, but there just wasn't time for us to hang out, so i didn't. guess we just got lucky. she was on the top of her game tonight; i've never met anyone who makes as many mistakes while talking. it's pretty funny.

soooo.... that brings this up to now. i'm currently waiting for the dryer to stop so that i can fold my light-colored clothes, then put my red clothes into the dryer! aren't you excited?!

me neither.


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