Mar. 1st, 2002

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creepy instant message of the day:


i promptly blocked him. at first i was freaked out, but these instant messages are actually pretty funny (in a 'pathetic internet loser with nothing better to do but IM me' kind of way.)


Mar. 1st, 2002 03:51 pm
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Bobalu43: hello there

this guy's profile: Interested in chatting. I love talking to women and age does not matter. I love younger women 18 - 25. Interested in meeting younger women from North East Indiana, North West Ohio. Got questions ...I got answers! My ICQ number is 29914194, I have Yahoo Messenger: bobalu43 Look me up there too. I am 45 years old ...born and raised in Indiana. I am intelligent, and a college graduate. I love the outdoors, nature and sports. Camping, hiking and the lake are fun activities. Traveling is my way of expanding the universe around me. I like to read profiles...I took the time to fill one out so can you!!

sweet mother of GOD. why are these people messaging me?

creepy men, go away!
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i was 'comic book nerd girl' today, which was fun. i went to vintage phoenix and finally picked up 'ghost world' for comic book class. i got an issue of jim mahfood's 'grrl scouts' and two issues of jill thompson's 'scary godmother,' which absolutely rules. i am officially in love with her art now. when i get some extra cash, i'm going to try to get all of the other issues.

i decided not to go to 'the syndicate strikes back' at space 101 tonight. i really wanted to go, it's been forever since i've heard my friends spin, but i'm absolutely broke. having my car towed last week really took a chunk out of my spending money. i'm going to have to carefully ration my $174 if it's going to last me for a month. i guess i'll just go to denny's instead, and listen to some drum 'n bass in the car on the way. it's kind of the same as going, only without the incredible sound, live dj's, my friends, people dancing, and flashing lights.
okay, so it's not like going to space 101 at all, but it'll have to do.

justin sent me the two invader zim episodes that i was missing (fbi warning of doom + door to door)! jhonen vasquez is jesus.

WHY is his head so big? why IS his head so big?

i <3 gir.


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