Feb. 25th, 2002

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my dad is having surgery tomorrow. again.

i always get so paranoid when he's in the hospital. it's times like this that make me wish i was a little closer to home. just in case.

last year when he was having heart problems, ended up in the hospital, and had to have two angioplasties, i was a wreck. my hands shook for about three weeks. the worst part was that i didn't even find out that he was in the hospital until i went home for homecoming. i got home pretty late, and went straight to bed. my mom woke me up in the morning and told me that he was in the hospital because he'd had chest pains. he had to have an angioplasty the night before, while i was driving home. as she was telling me this, the doctor called and told her that he had to have the second surgery. i didn't even know that he was having heart trouble before i got home. if i hadn't have gone home, when would they have told me about it?

his whole family has heart trouble; my grandpa has had multiple bypasses. i just wish i could be nearby in case something goes wrong.

my dad and i have always been really close. it kills him that i'm so far away from him all the time. he sent me a ring that he had gotten repaired for me once. in the envelope was a post-it note, telling me that he missed me and loved me. on the note, he had circled and labelled a tear that had fallen on the paper while he was writing it. the only time i've ever seen my father cry was they day they dropped me off at school my freshman year.

i'm so lucky to have him, i don't know what i'd do if something were to happen to him.

i'd be lost.

i'm wearing the t-shirt he bought for me in las vegas when i was in second grade (yes, it still fits.) it says "daddy's girl."

with a dad like him, it's impossible not to be a daddy's girl.

god, please let him be okay. please please please please please


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