Feb. 23rd, 2002

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today was... filled with unexpected events. i went to my classes, then went out to the mall to get my car. my car was not at the mall. fuck. turns out that it got towed. looks like i won't be parking it there overnight ever again. scott took me to get it back, and it cost me $70. then, he decided that i was having a bad day, and that i needed to celebrate by having a large bald man shove a needle through my face. he got his eyebrow pierced, and i got my lip done, and scott paid for it (because i am now broke). what a nice boy. i'm still working out how i'm going to explain it to my parents. it's not like it's permanent though; i'll take it out if they absolutely hate it, i guess.

last wednesday was the tribute's first show. i was able to sneak into vertigo (which is 21+). well, i didn't really 'sneak in,' so much as i 'waltzed right in and went to talk to the owner.' man, has vertigo ever changed. the couches of smacked-out e-tards have been replaced with tables, chairs, and candles. it didn't feel like home any more ;_;. everyone was convinced that they played horribly, but i thought they sounded good. and, to top it off, justin fell over when he was onstage. man, i wish the camera had been working to catch that one. it was a lot of fun, but it would have been better if i hadn't been all dizzy and nauseous from my prescription for half the time. i woke right back up when bluescreen started playing cover songs that are fun to sing along to though.

my lip feels weird...


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